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Proud Member of BannerSwap

    Microsoft has been fine-tuning Windows 95 for over four years now.  If you’re still using that version you got on CD-ROM, chances are that you are missing bug-fixes that will speed up your computer and reduce your need to re-boot.

BellaCoola TIP #1:

Look here for the 12+ major bug-fixes that have been released since Windows 95’s introduction.

Windows 95 Updates

    We highly recommend that you install all of these bug-fixes (in the order listed), especially if you’ve been experiencing quirky behaviour.  At the bare minimum, make sure you have installed Service Pack 1.


BellaCoola TIP #2:

NEW! Turbocharge your 14.4/28.8/33.6k modem connection with Microsoft’s new Dial-up Networking 1.3 Upgrade.  Be sure to get both the Winsock upgrade and the DUN 1.3 upgrade for optimal performance improvements.

CLICK the banner below to preview the #1 Web Tracking Service!

BellaCoola TIP #3:

Is your Win95 machine Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant??

Microsoft has launched a comprehensive Y2K website and created a FREE quarterly CD-ROM called the Y2K Resource CD.  The first version includes the new Microsoft Y2K Product Analyzer which scans a user´s hard drive for Microsoft products and provides links to all the relevant Y2K updates and patches.

You can order the Microsoft Y2K Resource CD through the Y2K website or call 1-888-673-8925 toll-free for a free subscription.

Read all about Microsoft´s Y2K patches for Windows 95:

NOTE: Win98 does not have either of these problems.  NT 4.0´s Service Pack 5 contains Y2K patches for NT.

BellaCoola TIP #4:

Have you downloaded the new Office 95 Y2K patch yet??

Get it here !  It fixes Y2K issues in Microsoft Office 95 Standard, Office 95 Professional, Excel 95, Word 95, Access 95, Schedule+ 7.0, and Microsoft Project 4.0.

BellaCoola TIP #5:

Get the latest Win95 enhancements that, until recently, were only available with new PCs.  Most of the components of Microsoft Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (OSR 2) are now available for download!

BellaCoola TIP #6:

HyperTerminal Private Edition (Version 5.0 now available!) (Still FREE!):  Replaces Windows 95/98/NT’s HyperTerminal; adds keystroke macros, auto-redial, Zmodem crash recovery for resuming interrupted file transfers, and support for TCP/IP Telnet sessions.  A must-have for anyone using Telnet.


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